About Me

Hi, I’m Jody LeCompte! I’m a full stack developer, SalesForce expert, and Google Certified Digital Marketer. Welcome to my little home on the internet.

A computer screen featuring code


My first love was writing code. It all began with a book on HTML targeted for kids, CSS followed a short while later, and eventually I settled into developing websites with PHP & MySQL. More recently, I focus on building apps using JavaScript with libraries like React, Gatsby, and Express.


I am versed in SalesForce administration as well as development using both declarative and code based platform development tools.

From custom fields, formulas, and workflows to classes, triggers, and processes — I love how easy the SalesForce platform makes building an intelligent, effective, and scalable CRM to back your business.

Check out my TrailHead profile to see what I’ve been learning lately.


I’m a certified digital strategist specializing in paid search. I understand the nature of people utilizing search engines to make their latest purchase and have mastered the art of placing the right ads in front of the right buyers.

I spend a lot of time working in both Google Ads and Google analytics as well as doing FaceBook and Twitter marketing. Some people like to try to coerce a sale from someone that doesn’t want anything. I prefer help people find what they are looking for.